US Hand in Hand with the sport



United Strangers is a foreign company established in China and in twined with the local sports scene.

Nowadays, UNITED STRANGERS is an official sponsor of “The Guangzhou Rams Rugby Football Club” (one of the biggest and historical Rugby clubs in China).


The Guangzhou Rams Rugby Club was established in 1996-1997.

After more than 19 years development, the club has become an active sporting and social environment for both, expats and locals.

 In this way, with support for the sport, United Strangers has found a way to make a social contribution to advance the clubs goal of building a core following of all walks of life.


Why we support the sports?


We are convinced that every triumph of company-sponsored athletes is inspiring for thousands of Chinese children and young people who see sports as an option to build responsible lifestyles, a theme that is vital to United Strangers within their commitment and responsibility Social.